Band Bio
3 Way Radio is a professional cover band based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Band members Mike, Tom and Keith met at a radio station nearly 20 years ago. While Tom was off pursuing his dream of radio stardom, Mike and Keith were playing in the successful bands Barrelhouse and Butterfield 8. Alongside Daniel Lanois, Butterfield 8 contributed music to the movie score for the motion picture, Sweet Angel Mine. In early 2004, Keith invited Tom to join an "All 80s" band called The Semivinyls. The group played all over Nova Scotia including sharing the stage with international recording artists the Northern Pikes. The latest evolution of their musical adventure is 3 Way Radio (3WR), covering hit songs spanning the 60s through to today. Be sure to check out 3 Way Radio on Facebook.
Mike Skinner
Drums, Vocals
Mike provides vocals and plays drums. Although he listens to lots of different music, Rush is Mike's favourite band and Neil Peart is his biggest musical influence.
Tom Johnson
Bass, Vocals
Tom provides vocals and plays bass. In the 80s, Tom played with the successful Halifax based band The Spawning Grunions. Tom's favourite band is The Beatles and he's been listening to the fab four since the day he was born.
Keith Dodge
Guitar, Backing Vocals
Keith plays acoustic and electric guitar and provides backing vocals. He has a large record collection that includes lots of his favourite music, mainly 70s classic rock and 80s pop/new wave.
For Bookings, Contact Tom at: 902 479 7030
Be sure to check the band out on Facebook

Upcoming Shows:
Oct 26
Halloween Dance (Lunenburg)
Nov 15
Spitfire Arms (Windsor)
Jun 6
Wedding (Lunenburg)